Feb 22 2019

Snow Canyon Snow

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We had so many snow storms in Southern Utah this winter that sometimes there have been too many options for photos! On Feb. 17th Snow Canyon State Park experienced a once in 5 year snowfall event that left the entire canyon blanked in pure white snow. I have been to Zion National Park a number of times during snowstorms (and got some great pictures) but this was the first time i’ve seen snow so low in Snow Canyon, so I opted to skip Zion and get into Snow Canyon first thing in the morning. I was glad I did. All these photos are available for purchase and a few might show up in a gallery in town. Enjoy the show!

The sun shines like a flashlight through the fog.

The arch. The moss was vibrant green from previous rain.

Snowy basalt boulders tumbling down petrified dunes.

That day there was the perfect amount of snow to show off the shapes of the rocks and ledges. The wet rocks darkened and appeared more vibrant.

A feathery pyramid in the fog.

I headed up to white rocks but the pure white snow made them look decidedly yellow.

A bonsai looking tree.

A frozen pond. I was surprised with all the traffic in the main canyon that nobody had been up here.

My favorite crack, on the right. Am I allowed to talk about my favorite cracks?

I don’t even think it was 10am at this point but it was already warm and the snow was melting quickly. Diamond Valley Volcano was comingĀ out of the clouds.

Fins in the main canyon. They had been shrouded in fog before I went up to White Rocks.

Snow Canyon Overlook

A close up of some cars winding their way up the road.

Some of the big cliffs on the west side of the canyon.

It was a really nice day in the canyon but the snow was so widespread I decided to leave and head down the Virgin River Gorge to see what that looked like. (It looked good but that’s another story.)

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