A Long Time Coming….

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Welcome to my new website!


This has been a long time coming. I had a site that i built myself in the early 2000’s and it served it’s purpose for getting me known in the community when I lived in Anchorage. Up there, the community is small enough that once my name was around, the site i had was no longer important and it languished while i focused more on my blog, which I have been writing for 10 years and still going.

This new modern site has taken a lot of work but finally incorporates my Portfolio and my Blog and offers Print and Licensing Transactions through my store site at Smugmug. Take a look around and see what you like. I had to really limit myself by putting just enough photos up to launch the site in a reasonable amount of time.

Most images on my site are for sale. The ones that are not are already rights managed, most likely by the clients who originally paid for the pictures. Those images should mostly be in the Commercial and Journalism sections. If you find a picture in any other category, particularly the Landscapes, and it’s not for sale but you are interested in it, reach out to me because it’s possible i just forgot to set it up.

I also want to point out that we wanted this site to be fast, no waiting for 5 seconds for an image to load onto the screen. In order to achieve that the photos you see here are highly compressed to be no larger than 1 mb in size, but many of them can be zoomed in to 2560 pixels wide. For comparison, the blog i’ve been running for 10 years also uses 1mb images but they are displayed at half the size. So, keep in mind the original photos, uploaded to the store site (which also displays a highly compressed image on screen) are much sharper.

I have a TON more photos to upload! As the year goes on, the portfolio and smugmug site will grow with many new additions and some deletions as i refine my selections.

In addition to filling out my portfolio, I’ll also be doing the bulk of my hiking and travel blogging here on this new site, and as photos go up in the blog, so will they go on the Smugmug site.

As mentioned on the About Me page, I’m always on the lookout for new or challenging projects. The purpose of this site is multifold. It serves as gateway to monetize my catalogue, a blog for sharing adventures, and a portfolio to show new clients.

I specialize in luxury homes and resorts, landscape and travel, aerial,science expeditions, documentary photography, product, and even corporate retreats. I’m open to working on print publications with writers or journalists. I’m also open to licensing or producing photos for mass production such as decorative prints you might buy in a department store or more expensive higher end large prints in more exclusive galleries. If i’ve failed to mention something it doesn’t hurt to ask.


Lastly, i’d like to thank Tenth Muse Design for convincing me to go ahead and finally invest in a proper site, as well as some of my close friends who have been nagging me for years to do this.

Thanks and Enjoy!


Inspired by Tenth Muse Design

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