Sand Hollow

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Last spring I had the opportunity to tag along with Maree for a free ATV tour at Sand Hollow. I’d been to the reservoir at Sand Hollow State Park, but never up on the extensive sand slopes above. The off road recreation area is huge, offering extensive dunes, jeeping, rock crawling and I suppose you could hike it if you wanted.

It had been forever since I rode along in single file on a guided ATV Tour, and it took some adjusting to let myself be guided after having owned an ATV myself for years, but our guide was great and very nice. The weather went downhill quickly and the last several hours we were in sand storms and unusually cold temperatures we weren’t quite dressed for. But overall it was a great day, and I’d recommend a tour through the park for families visiting if you avoid the hottest months of the year.

We were able to have a little fun in this area after the others left.

One of the areas we were allowed to walk around and have a snack.

You can see the sand that was blowing in our faces all afternoon.

The trip was long, at least 4 hours and we didn’t get back until twilight. Sheets of sand are blowing by all over this picture. If you look at the most distant dune you can see the sand flying off the top of it.

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