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The Butcher

A hard working fishing guide cleans the catch of his customers.





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Jimmy Gordon

Viewing glaciers in the rain is still fun. Jimmy is an old friend of mine and we occasionally are able to go on adventures together.





Soldier’s Daughter 2

Another young girl stared over the crowd




Hard Worker

A construction crew builds Alaska. For the Journal of Commerce

Presidential Speech 1

President Obama smiles while delivering a speech to US troops and families. For the AK Journal of Commerce.

Top Forty Awards

Pictures for the awards ceremony of the Top 40 under 40, 2012. For the AK Journal of Commerce

Control Room

Worker at Usibelli Coal mine monitor coal being dumped into train cars. 2007 For the Journal of Commerce.

Power Plant_Eielson AFB

A newly constructed power plant at Eielson Air Force Base, Fairbanks, Alaska.

Loading Coal

2007 For the Journal of Commerce

Halibut Cove Post Office

I think someone told me this was the post office, but they could have been pulling my leg.

Big Time Mechanic

A Mechanic who keeps huge vehicles working.

O&K Coal Crane

2007 For the AK Journal of Commerce

Heavy Vehicle

At Usibelli Coal mine huge dump trucks transport tons of coal to the mill. For AK Journal of Commerce

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Skagway Harbor

Tourists wait in anticipation for the ferry to dock in Skagway, Alaska




Instead of uploading hundreds of portraits to my portfolio here are a dozen together. For several years i photographed the candidates of a special publication by the Journal of Commerce called The Top 40 Under 40. The publication recognized successful business people under the age of 40 who were also involved in noteworthy charity work.

Usibelli Coal Mine

A worker inspects the conveyor before the coal is loaded onto trains. For the Journal of Commerce.



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Friends at the Palace

This young boy and girl spent their day skateboarding and climbing on the crumbling palace of former dictator Manuel Noriega. Waves crashed immediately below and i did not know it at the time but the railings in some areas were partially styrofoam due to being 'repaired' for a James Bond movie.

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Running the Glacier Trough

Flying down series of parallel canyon in the massive Nabesna Glacier. It felt like a childhood dream of flying down the trench in the Death Star.

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The Boat Shack

This really cool painting on a covered slip perfectly matches the boat that is docked behind it. I think the tide was not quit right to line it up with the grounded boardwalk where the best viewpoint is, but it's super close. Notice that even the pole on the left side of the paining can be seen behind the roof. There is another boat in the covered slip.
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