Commercial Clients: Stuart Awning

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One of the type of photography I do is real estate and luxury resort photography, but recently I was introduced to a client who seems to fall between product and real estate/architecture. It’s been my pleasure to work with Stuart Awning of St. George on building a new portfolio of their construction projects. Stuart Awning designs and builds high end, custom patios, awnings/lattices and room extensions. This year they are opening a new showroom and decided it was time to upgrade some of their imagery.

Stuart Awning prides themselves on “Improving the Outdoors… with shade”. If you lived in the Mojave Desert you would know what they mean. Their products define a space, effectively creating a new place that acts as an outdoor extension of your home. They often work in conjunction with pool builders, landscapers and other outdoor living companies to create any kind of backyard environment their clients desire.

In a climate where you can hang outside for much of the year, and outdoor patio can become a regular part of your home, or, an outside “room”. Here I wanted to show how the awning/trellis fits in as an extension of the home, while using the sunset and leading lines to direct attention to the awning.

These awnings aren’t pieces of garbage from a big box store that start rusting after the first rain. They are huge and well built. In many cases they stretch towards the edge of the property. A challenge was to get wide angle shots in sometimes cramped areas to show the spaciousness while at the same time minimizing parallax to give a sense of their solid foundation.

Inspired by Tenth Muse Design

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